Another day, another house, Ickworth 24th August 2016

Iain (Alan's uncle from Canada) and I stayed overnight in our rather posh hotel and left for home the next morning. Iain was anxious to continue his garden/stately home tour of East Anglia, so we stopped by to see Ickworth House in Suffolk.
Ickworth is now owned by the National Trust and the building is based on a rotunda with two wings. The land had been owned by the Hervey family since 1432, and they tore down the original Tudor manor house  and rebuilt the palatial edifice we see today, finishing  in 1829. The Herveys passed the property on to the National Trust in lieu of death duties in 1965. One wing of the house has been converted to a hotel.
The gardens are extensive and contain a 'stumpery', a recreation of a Victorian fancy. There is also a church within the grounds which we went down to. Rather than an organ the church has a harmonium which was being used by a lady of the village, She obligingly gave us a recital while we sat in the pews. St Mary's church has been recently renovated and a very early fresco of the Archangel Gabriel has been uncovered on the right hand side of the altar. There is also a lot of very old stained glass.
The walled garden next to the churchyard has been turned into a wild flower meadow.
Iain is sitting in the 'lounge'!


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