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Venice day 4, return from the islands

The sun was getting low as we left the islands and the boat took us back to the main island of Venice. Here are a few shots of the journey and an interior of the church of Gesuiti di San Clemente which we visited on the way back home. This lies to the north of the main island near the Fondamente Nova stop.

Venice day 4, to the islands.

On our fourth day in Venice we decided to visit some of the other island in the lagoon. Our very helpful and reasonable Alilaguna vaporetto pass covered all of the trips, so it was a 'free' day out. It was another very blue sky day but quite cold. We had to get a vaporetto to the north side of the city to the Fond Nova stop and then another which went out to the more northerly islands. Our first stop was Cimitero di San Michele, which is, as it says, Venice's cemetery. Here are the graves of Stravinsky and Diaghilev. In the early 1800's it was decided that it was too insanitary to bury the dead on the main island of Venice and so they were brought out here in special funeral gondolas for interment. The first picture is yet another view down a canal before we went to the islands.

Next it was Murano, the glass blowing centre of Venice. As it was January nothing was happening and the streets were wide, cold and empty, so we swiftly moved on.

Our furthest stop was Torcell…

Venice day 3, two more churches and sunset from the bell tower

The afternoon was now drawing to a close as we walked through the Dorsuduro area to it's southernmost edge to visit the Gesuati church or Santa Maria Della Rosario, built on the site of an earlier church which had been acquired by the Dominicans in 1670. The church was consecrated in 1743. It is a bit of a wedding cake.

From here we took the vaporetto across the broad canal to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. We had a look around the very large church and then went up the bell tower to see the sun going down across Venice. There were quite a number of people intent on the same pursuit so the bell tower was crowded making it impossible to really walk around for different views. Still we did the sunset thing (not spectacular) and then went back to the apartment to attempt to cook our food without fusing the whole place.