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Fast and Furious in Ludlow

I, along with a group of great enthusiasts, participated in a weekend photo workshop, Fast and Furious, in the historic market town of Ludlow. Our tutors were the talented and passionate Paul Hill and Maria Falconer. We were set various challenges of topics to photograph, given usually only half an hour to take the pictures and little time to process them, hence 'Fast and Furious'. We normally had to present one image from each topic for projection and critique from Paul, Maria and the group. There was also a group challenge where 5 of us had to think and take a picture to illustrate the premise 'Fast and Furious'. I will not be showing this picture in this blog. Although we were usually allowed only one photo to present, I am a lousy editor of my own work, and on reflection would probably chosen a different image to show. So I am giving my alternatives as well here. On the Sunday morning we went to see Paul's exhibition of his early Ludlow photographs and his col…

A few thoughts from the South Bank and Gursky

Some images from a visit into London to see the work of some highly talented artists at the Oxo Tower, and also view the Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. I was very moved by the Gursky, not something I was expecting.