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London , Million Mask March, 5th November

I just happened to be in London yesterday and had not realised that there was a demonstration planned for the evening, an anti-austerity march called the Million Mask March. I was visiting the National Gallery and came out around 6.00pm to find Trafalgar Square full of people. It all seemed fairly peaceful although there was a very high police presence. The police were handing out pamphlets and there was a laser message being beamed on the walls of the National Gallery with threats of imprisonment if you broke Public Order Act restrictions. The Independent has called this Orwellian and I was surprised the National Gallery allowed it, but perhaps they had no choice.
We met Hugh in Gerrard Street for something to eat, and when we came out onto Leicester Square there were at least hundred police on the sides of the road who suddenly charged off at full pelt towards Covent garden. When we went back the action seemed to have moved on from Trafalgar Square and there were only a few proteste…