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Glorious Utah, taking up where we left off

We drove back into Bryce Canyon the next morning and down the rim road to Swamp Canyon, which was the next overlook we would have seen if we had carried on the previous evening. The sky was overcast, but this only served to bring out the wonderful warm tones of the rock.

Next we drove to Paria View which lies up a small side turning off the main road. With each successive stop the hoodoos were becoming more plentiful and prominent. The Bryce area was once populated by the Paiute Native Americans whose mythology said that the hoodoos were people turned to stone by coyotes. They were called Anka-ku-was-a-wits, meaning 'red painted faces'. In the 5th picture down you can see Yellow Creek which is one of the creeks that take the water from the streams flowing down the side of the Canyon. This flows into the Paria River which the Mormons followed into Bryce in the 1850's to settle the area. The Canyon was named after Ebenezer Bryce who homesteaded here in the 1870's. Most …

Glorious Utah, evening light in the Canyon

We made a few more stops on the one road leading north around the rim of Bryce Canyon. The first was at Ponderosa Canyon. I was impressed by this little flower which I could not identify and the wonderful Limber Pine, its roots clasped around the rock.

The next stop up the road was Agua Canyon where there are a couple of very prominent hoodoos. The National Park Service has stopped naming them as they tend to fall down as the canyon wall is eroded.
The first hoodoo here is the Backpacker or Hunter and he is looking across to one known as the Rabbit.

The light was just hitting the tops of the hoodoos. Bryce is mainly not good for sunsets as it faces east and is plunged into darkness in the evening.

A short drive north brings you to Natural Bridge where a rather scruffy raven was posing for food. I did not have any but he was obliging none the less. I was so distracted by him that I did not take many pictures of the scenery here.

Finally we came to Fairview Point, where we decided to g…

Glorious Utah, first steps into Bryce

Feeling rather bloated after our late lunch of fish and chips, we thought we should drive down to the Canyon, get our pass, have a quick trip to the Visitor Centre and start exploring. On the road from Panguitch into Bryce you pass through another park called Red Canyon, for obvious reasons. We stopped there for a brief look around but decided to move out when a tourist bus arrived and we were inundated by the human tide. We passed mule deer feeding on the side of the road and an area of burnt trees as we drove into Bryce.

Bryce Canyon runs roughly north south and lies at the northern edge of the Grand Staircase, a huge geological area which extends from southern Utah down through Zion to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, The rocks are sedimentary, the youngest being at Bryce and the oldest at the Grand Canyon. They are classified according to their colour, Bryce being comprised of a pink stone known as the Claron Formation.
Bryce is not a true canyon as it has not been formed by…