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Hassle in Canary Wharf

I was looking for a good place to shlep my new 24mm Nikon tilt shift lens.
Looking on Canary Wharf's website they state that they allow photography, with tripods as long as they cause no nuisance, if you are doing it as an amateur.
Duly I turned up and set up in front of one of the buildings. Before the shutter clicked a burly security man was telling me to move along. I pointed out the website but he was adamant that one could not photograph any reception areas, doorways or cameras. I thought I would cut my losses and moved to another location and stood well away from any entrances. Again security came up to me, this one had more of a sense of humour. I protested that if I was a terrorist I might be taking pictures with my phone rather than doing it so conspicuously. He agreed and more or less said that I was just an easy target. He offered to tell other security people that I was operating in the area and to let me get on with it.
This obviously did not work as at the third loca…

Nikon 24mm PCE lens

I was lucky enough to get a tilt shift lens for Christmas. I have a Nikon system and for some reason Nikon supplies the lens with the tilt and shift aligned at 90°. The lens needs to be sent back to Nikon who, for the princely sum of £160 will re-align it so that the tilt and shift are in the same plane.
I read that I was supposed to do this in order to get the lens to work properly for landscape photography, although my idea as to why was shaky. Now I have the lens back it makes a little more sense, but I will have to do a lot of work in order to use it correctly. The main problem using the lens with the D800 is that the locking knob for the shift, when the lens has been rotated (the front of the lens can be rotated in relation to the back of the lens), lies directly under the popup flash which makes it difficult to adjust. Fortunately I have fairly small hands.

I would strongly advise not to use this lens when out with a non photographer as they will get really, really impatient. Fo…

Walk along the Lode

Last week we visited Anglesey Abbey, not to go inside the grounds, but to take the dog for a walk along the Lode. It was a lovely day (for a change) and although a weekday the Abbey car park was full of people come to see the snowdrops.
Here are several straight pictures and then three with ICM. I got some whacky colours with one of them - presumably due to flare.The windmills were snapped at the end of the day near the A11. I mistakenly took all these pictures as jpegs, not raw, but the Fuji produces some wonderful jpegs