Back to Tate Modern

I seem to have a fascination for the interior of Tate Modern, especially the concrete staircase of the Blavatnik Building. So here are a few more pictures of this, and also a few straying into the original building. Following on are some images from the South Bank which I took a stroll down to from the Tate. It was a hot day and a lot of people were taking advantage of the sunshine.

Saffron Walden Crank Up

The photographs were taken on a very wet day in May this year. Great fun though

The South Bank

Another day, another video. this one is rather different and set on London's South Bank. The pictures were taken in April this year.

The Humber Bridge

Alan and I had a trip to the Humber Estuary in July this year. here are a few pictures of the Humber Bridge from Barton-upon-Humber compiled into a video.

Kilnsea, relics of the First World War

Kilnsea sits on the Humber estuary and has been used in the past as a place of fortification, to guard against invaders. In 1915 Fort Godwin was constructed of concrete. An artillery battery with two big guns, it was pressed into service again during the Second World War but was decommissioned afterwards. Since then it has gradually been broken and claimed by the sea. Not much remains now, the cliffs have eroded right back and the concrete hulk of the gun emplacement lies isolated.

On the cliffs, high above the beach you can still see a concrete sound mirror used for detecting ships before radar was invented. I am including this picture as it is not on the video

Spring in the Hillier Gardens

Back in May we joined a number of relatives in Winchester for my son's wedding. Before the big day we had an outing to the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Romsey, close by to Winchester. The gardens are a treat, with formal and less formal areas, places to eat and have a coffee and even 2 pet pigs. They were established by the plantsman Harold Hillier in 1953 and given to the sole care of Hampshire County Council in 1977. In mid May the rhododendrums were putting out a tremendous show. I took the photographs using a Holga lens. A cheap plastic lens that distorts and vignettes, especially on a full frame camera. I wanted to achieve a more dreamy look and used the lack of complete focus to do this. I have placed the photos on an Adobe Spark video which allows a slideshow and the addition of music to make it more of an experience.