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A harvest walk

A few pictures from a walk through the fields in Arkesden a couple of weeks ago. The tractor had started to cut the fields but the threat of rain was hanging in the sky. I ended up at our local fishing lake.

Photographic workshop in St Paul's Birmingham

At the end of July I attended a photo workshop based at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in the St Paul's area of the city. I had not been to St Paul's for years and I was struck by how trendy it has become, it must be one of the most interesting areas of the city. The workshop was run by Paul Hill and Maria Falconer who are excellent teachers and had obviously put a lot of thought and planning into the day. There were around 10 of us and we did some classroom sessions and some practical sessions. We took our computers and shared a few of the pictures we had taken at then end of the day. The three sessions were based around 'light', 'frame', and 'vantage point'. Paul and Maria in the classroom got us to think about each of these topics, illustrating them with photographs of their own and others, thinking about things like 'what type of light we were looking at, was it direct sunlight, reflections, shadows etc. and looking to photograph the l…

The lost tunnels of Euston Station

Last month I took advantage of a family Christmas present and went with Joe on a London Transport Museum photographic tour of some tunnels around Euston Station. These tunnels  closed to the public in 1962, leaving us with a small time capsule of London life left in the posters on the walls. The tour started in Melton Street, opposite the present Euston Station in a glazed brick building designed distinctively by Leslie Green. This was once the station of the Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway, or the Hampstead Tube. This line opened in 1907.

In 1907 another tube line also served Euston, the City and South London Railway with a station building (now demolished) on the other side of the mainline Euston Station to the Melton Street one. These two separate companies decided that they would come together for the convenience of passengers and build an interconnecting passageway with its own ticket hall and lifts to the mainline station. Both companies were taken over by the Under…