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A couple of trips to London, December 2014

I went to London on various occasions in December 2014 and took some pictures with my LG phone and the Fuji XE-1.

The first is at West Kensington tube station where the light was dramatic.

Next are two from the courtyard of the Royal Academy where there were some boats in a glass box, then one from the side of the Thames at the Millennium Bridge and one from inside the Tate Modern.

Finally some pictures taken with the Fuji, at night around St Paul's. These are multiple exposures.

Rye Harbour workshop, December 2014

A the beginning of December last year I was booked on a one day workshop with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey, concentrating on a rather different side of photography, in camera multiple exposure and intentional camera movement to give a more abstract picture. I took my Nikon D800e with me as I can do a number of multiple exposures on one shot with this. It does not have the wonderful blending modes that the Cannon 5D mark 3 has and which Valda puts to such fantastic use but you use what you have! I also used a neutral density filter to give me longer exposures so that I could do some photographs with intentional movement of the camera.
We started around 9.00am with a hearty breakfast and then went out onto the shingle to do what we could. The day was cloudy but with some sunshine so a nice mix. The spit has a distinctive red roofed hut on it which figures in a large number of photographs. Here is my take on it.

I walked down to the edge of the sea and took pictures of the inlet and so…

California, 18th November, Golden Gate Park, and then home

Getting up in the 'Aloft' Hotel we had a quick breakfast and then packed our bags, again, and put them into storage. Our flight back to Heathrow was not till 7.45pm and we were only minutes away from the airport.
Mairi said she would like to spend our last hours in the US at the Golden Gate Park. We were not best placed for easy travel back into the city, so this entailed a half hour walk along busy main roads until we reached a proper train station. Having travelled back into San Francisco we then caught a bus to the park.
The park covers an extensive area and we did not have enough time to do it justice. We walked in past Stow Lake where the gulls and pigeons were abundant. The squirrels were friendly and I saw an American robin, thrush size unlike our small rounder version.

Lunch was taken in the Japanese Tea Garden, a beautifully manicured area with all the things you would expect, a willow pattern bridge, raked gravel and carp.

Then it was to the California Academy of Sci…