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A Day Near Windemere

A couple of weeks ago I went up to visit an aunt in Glasgow and stopped at Alan's mother, Rene's house on the way up. Mairi and I went there by car and all three of us continued up to Glasgow.
Before we left we had a little time in the Lakes and visited Fell Foot on the shores of Windermere and also Arnside on Morecambe bay. By the time we got to Arnside the sun was setting - not a spectacular sunset, but a soft gentle one.

Cambridge Folk Festival

On Friday we went 'en famille' to the Cambridge Folk Festival. We had not heard of any of the groups that were playing, but enjoyed ourselves enormously. Special commendations go to the Bombay Royale - a rocky Asian fusion mixture, great fun. A lovely summery evening.

Here are the pictures.

Seaside and Harbour

Late Saturday afternoon of our weekend around Chichester we went down to the beach at West Wittering - a very salubrious place on a private estate which charged a fortune for parking. Walking to the sands we passed this sign on the wall of a utility building, which amused Alan no end. He would like to get the picture laminated to put on a certain door!

The beach was busy and there was a stiff breeze blowing. You can rent surf boards here but few people had. I love shooting into the sun at the seaside as it gives a lovely 'bracing' feel to the pictures.

The next morning we drove down to Bosham on the Chichester Inlet, a very smart boating place. An overheard conversation. " God, the tide is out so we can't take the yacht out. Quelle domage!" This is a phrase I plan to use more often. The tide truly was out leaving an inlet full of bright green seaweed, browsed over by swans.

A Day Trip to Selsey Bill

At the end of June we went to the Chichester area for the weekend. The weather was not as hot as it became in July, but still pleasantly sunny, allowing for a barbeque.
Alan had a cycle ride on the Saturday so I went out down to the seaside at Selsey with my camera.
I had expected it to be 'posh' like the rest of the Chichester environs, but nothing could be further from the truth. The beach was a bit muddy with plenty of seaweed and there were a lot of dog walkers.

There was a car park on the beachfront but it had a height barrier so I could not get the van onto it, that wasn't a problem as there was some roadside parking as well. However there was a 'cafe' on the car park.  In the second picture the cafe has been snapseeded. The rest of the pictures are of the breakwaters and a strange couple who waded out to sea with a small dog, I am afraid you will have to search for them!

Returning to our camping place at Fontwell I took some of macro pictures using the 50mm …

A Weekend Helping Hugh

We spent the weekend in Haslemere helping Hugh and Lizzie lay their block paving drive and other stuff.  In the morning it was OK but in the afternoon the sun shifted to the front of the house and the heat became unbearable.
We had a lovely barbeque to compensate.

Just published an ebook through Blurb - and its free!!

I wanted to do something with the pictures I took when in Peru and Bolivia, so I have prepared a book on the Peru part of the journal, based on entries in this bog but with a little more attention to the writing. This is coming out through Blurb, very soon. But I wanted to produce an electronic version as well.
Through Blurb the publication of an ebook, aimed primarily at the iPad, but watchable on other devices as well, is a cheap alternative to a book. There seems to be no added charge for extra pages which is nice. It also has the advantage that it can be edited after it has been published, so that, if you decide to add something else, or notice a spelling mistake you can go back in and alter it. Obviously it would need to be downloaded again. The only downside is that the software Blurb supply is rather cranky, and hangs up from time to time.

So, I have just produced an ebook,  'Pictures from Peru'. This is 95% pictorial and contains pictures from Peru, excluding Machu Pic…

High summer

Here are some pictures of a corn field and a flax field in Arkesden. The flax flowers fade by noon every day and it took me a little time to puzzle out why the field was sometimes there and sometimes not!
The temperature was rising as I was out taking these and I wanted to give some sense of that and also immersion in the fields and flowers. Finally a picture of a single flax flower.