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Chicago, day 6, the very last of Chicago

Still in Uptown, we had lunch in the 'Little Vietnam' area of Argyle. Argyle is such a cosmopolitan place, I spotted a synagogue as well while we were there. Lunch was delicious, taken sitting on plastic chairs inside the café. After a little wander there was nothing to do but get the 'L' back to Mike's place and have a walk by the lake before the airport and home. Hoping to get to Chicago again someday.

Chicago, day 6, Uptown

The sixth day in Chicago was the day of our departure. However, the flight was fairly late and so we managed to squeeze a couple of things in before we flew off. We made a visit to the Uptown area, a suburb of Chicago which sprung into being when a terminal of the railway was built there in 1900. The name is from the Uptown Store the commercial centre for the community. Uptown was a summer tourist destination for Chicago residents, and as such, in the 1920's a number of theatres were built and the Essanay Studios was used by stars such as Charlie Chaplin for film production. By the 1950's the railway had moved further out and with it the commuters and new housing developments. The fortunes of Uptown reversed and waves of immigrants moved in. One of the areas of Uptown, Argyle, became 'Little Vietnam' and it was there we went for our lunch. In the 2000's Uptown started to revive and housing prices have since risen. There are still some rather seedy areas. In the mo…