Blickling Hall, an excursion, 22nd August

Alan's Uncle Iain came to stay with us for a while in August 2016. He said he would like to visit some gardens in the UK and so I went with him to Norfolk for a couple days where we visited Blickling Hall, Fellbrigg Hall and Ickworth, all National Trust properties. We stayed for 2 nights in North Walsham, at Beechwood House which was a very nice experience.

I was still practising with my new Sony camera but had now received one 'proper' lens for it, which does not need an adaptor and is autofocus, the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2. I found it an ideal focal length for the sort of photography I was doing. I have been very pleased with this lens, the minimum focussing distance is very small so you can get really close in to the subject with it. It was very liberating to wander round with a small camera and just one lens!

The following pictures from Blickling are a bit mundane but it was not the time for 'proper' photography.
As you can see it was a dull day, but we made the most of the gardens and the house.
Blickling was founded in the 15th century and was the birthplace of Anne Boleyn (1507), although the house as seen today is Jacobean.The library contains one of the most historically important collection of books and manuscripts in England. When we were there book worm had been found in a number of books and volunteers were going through all the surrounding books checking for infestation. 
I rather like the family motto!


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