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Thames trip on PS Waverley

The PS stands for paddle steamer and the Waverley is the last sea going paddle steamer left in the world! She was built in 1946 and is now in the tender care of a preservation society. Her home town is Glasgow and she was used by the ferry company Calmac until 1973 when it was decided that she was too expensive to maintain. The Waverley Steam Navigation Company now look after her and raise revenue by running trips around the country, starting in the Clyde and moving down finally to London, from where she returns to the Clyde for the winter. Alan, who is a demi - Glaswegian, remembers childhood holidays in the frozen north where a trip on the Waverley was always the highlight. And it happened last October that the conjunction of the stars was in perfect alignment for a visit from Alan's sister from Florida and a Waverley excursion on the Thames. It was a complete family day out with as many relatives as we could muster for the evening sail. We set off from Tower Bridge Pier, going…

Croatia, 5th October, Plitvice Lakes National Park, day 2

We had a good night at the pension just outside the Plitvice Park and for our evening meal, our host had fished another couple of fresh trout out of the tank for us to eat. Lovely with chips and vegetables.
We were due another day in the park and then we were going to drive up to Sibiče, just west of Zagreb, for the night so that we could fly back home the next day.
We got to the park earlier this time, just as it was opening, and the upper lake section was quieter which made the whole day a lot more pleasurable. Here below is the route we more or less took. The weather was cloudy and misty at first but the sun eventually emerged.

At the furthest extremity of the walk we bordered on to the wilderness area and it was very tempting to go further, thinking of wolves and bears. There is just a short boat trip involved in this walk and we did not take the bus back but meandered by foot, revisiting a couple of sites. Again I took numerous photographs. There was more boardwalk in this sectio…