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Trawling through pictures

I have been looking through all my pictures for items to use for a panel. In so doing I have come acros stuff I had more or less forgotten about. I always hope the latest things I have done are the best, but the weather has not been kind lately, so here are a couple of past numbers!

This was taken in Anglesey Abbey last winter and processed using Silver Effex Pro2.

This was taken in Wissant, France at the end of a hot September evening last year.

Some fishermen's huts

I have been getting together a few of the pictures I took on Lindisfarne of fishermen's huts. These were made of old upturned boats and looked pretty decrepit, although they all had padlocks and were obviously used. The photos have all been processed using Lightroom and Color Effex 4.
The weather had been pretty dreadful and we had just got soaked in a heavy shower, but the stormy skies really added to the atmosphere