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I have been trying to effect a few black and white 'urban' pictures to offset the landscape stuff. I have just posted 6 of these on to my website.

I do really enjoy making these pictures as they can pack in so much emotion. Even more than the more gentle landscapes. Perhaps it is because of the heritage we now associate with street photography.

Peak District a la Snapseed

After an Aperture meeting (part of the Cambridge camera Club) I decided to do a 'Snapseed' on some of the Peak District Photos.

It is fun but unfortunately will end up with a lot of pictures looking very similar. Not to say that pictures taken at 14mm with a rock in the front aren't all very similar anyway. Maybe I'll try to do a similar thing in photoshop using my own textures as a background to compare. I haven't tried this yet, and although an old technique  it may be better than sticking to a formula.

Early December in the Peak District

Fabulous frosty weekend although we could not leave until Saturday morning and did not get to Millstone Edge till 2.00pm.  The sunset was not marvellous as no cloud cover, but dawn the next day was beautiful seen from Higgar Tor. All these pictures are with the D700. I could really tell the difference in performance between the 12-24mm Nikkor lens and the old Tamron 17-35 I have. The Tamron is easier to carry round and takes normal filters but the 12-24 is pin sharp, although a beast. I really enjoyed working with the D700 again

The next morning: although it's December it was still too early!

Annual Exhibition and Competition in Cambridge

Here is the picture of the escalators in Westminster tube station which won the monochrome section of the Cambridge Camera Club annual competition I was really pleased as I had not expected to win at all. I took the picture on an excursion with Mairi to see Westminster Abbey in August. 

Back Again

After another long gap I am pleased to say that I am at last on track.  Was being snowed under before with work, home and family - so work had to go!

What news
A couple of weeks ago we went to visit Alan's Mum and his sister over from the States in Milnthorpe Cumbria. At last a chance to photograph autumn colours.
We visited Tarn Hows and the weather was stunning, although being a Sunday it was really busy

We then drove round to Hardknott Pass and visited the remains of the Roman fort

And finally a couple of sunsets.The first at Roan Head and the second in Ravenglass.

Heather in the Peak District

I realise , shock horror, I have not posted anything for a month.

I have spent a few days in the peak district on a photography work shop with Nigel Halliwell and Paul Franklin. I learnt loads, despite the weather which ranged from very wet to damp.

Here are some pictures to prove it! No whacky processing here - everything was straightforward and Lightroom

This was the first day when Jane and I got completely soaked.

Same wet day

A little bit of a sunrise the next day

Another sunset - over Stanage Edge - got botten to death by midges - I always thought they confined themselves to Scotland

Next morning - the balloon goes up!

Tree crossing its legs at Padley Gorge

The stream at Padley Gorge

Trawling through pictures

I have been looking through all my pictures for items to use for a panel. In so doing I have come acros stuff I had more or less forgotten about. I always hope the latest things I have done are the best, but the weather has not been kind lately, so here are a couple of past numbers!

This was taken in Anglesey Abbey last winter and processed using Silver Effex Pro2.

This was taken in Wissant, France at the end of a hot September evening last year.

Some fishermen's huts

I have been getting together a few of the pictures I took on Lindisfarne of fishermen's huts. These were made of old upturned boats and looked pretty decrepit, although they all had padlocks and were obviously used. The photos have all been processed using Lightroom and Color Effex 4.
The weather had been pretty dreadful and we had just got soaked in a heavy shower, but the stormy skies really added to the atmosphere

A few pictures from Northumberland

I thought I would put up a few pictures taken last week in Northumberland, on the way up to share Mairi's graduation in St Andrews.
I used Color Efex 4 in the castle pictures in order to get a more atmospheric feel. As you can see the weather was not that great - but hey, all the better for photography!