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Playing at photography with an old Helios lens

Forever one wanting to muck about with cameras, I bought an old Russian Helios 58mm f2 44M lens from eBay for £39.00, having seen some pictures taken with it on the internet which I quite liked.  On a visit to Fowlmere yesterday I had a bit of an experiment with this lens coupled to the Sony A7R2, via a Neewer M42 to Sony E adaptor. The f stop is managed on the lens and it is manual focus. I was intrigued by the little metal screw on lens cap the lens has, but my mind likes these quaint details. Here are a few picture of Fowlmere done at various apertures (nothing more than f/11) and a picture of Alan taken while he wasn't looking at f/2. I am quite pleased with it. There are different versions of this lens which I was unaware of when I bought it. The 44 M2 version is supposed to give interesting swirly bokeh, which I didn't detect on mine,  but I need to take pictures under different conditions to try and find it.

Duxford Air Festival

Spring Bank Holiday is the debut for the series of air displays held at Duxford, part of the Imperial War Museum.
We have not actually paid for tickets and gone onto the site for a long time, as it has been previously possible to view the planes from some byways close to the runway. Now these are always barricaded off for 'health and safety reasons', so we sprung for some tickets to attend the actual event. And it maybe worth the extra money for the atmosphere and buzz you get from being on site.
It was a beautiful day, too warm for late May but lovely to sit in the sun watching the show. It got off to a real bang with the arrival of a Typhoon which did a spectacular display to the tune of its own music.

This was followed by a display from the Harvard trainer and a pair of Strikemasters.

Then an Auster Mk6 and a real star, the Apache helicopter with a few pyrotechnics thrown in.

Another helicopter, the Augusta Bell Sioux.
The Catolina seaplane was followed by a wonderful aerob…