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Bishop's Stortford College Old Boys Rugby Match

As a photographer, sport is not my usual métier.  But on Sunday my son Hugh was playing in a 'old boys' rugby match at Bishop's Stortford College. This is something he has not done for a while and it seemed strange going to watch from the side lines and then having tea in the Doggett Pavilion (unfortunate name), just like the very old days.
The match was 'over 21's ' vs 'over 25's' and Hugh was playing in the latter team along with some of his friends. It made me realise a) how old I am and b) how old they are. The play was supposed to start at 2.30pm but a match delayed from the previous week was put on first. So by the time Hugh's team went on it was 3.00pm. Fortunately for them they only played 20 minutes a side, but it was almost dark by the time they finished, given that it was a pretty dull day anyway.
It was all very low key but I am pleased to report that the 'over 25's' won and that everyone acquitted themselves well. Dan Wa…