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Fading Snow

The snow looks as if it is on its way out. So here is a shot taken yesterday of the pylons stalking through the snow. This was on a lonely open footpath between Arkesden and Wicken Bonhunt.

I am off to Iceland for four days tomorrow, so hope to be back with more stuff next week

Wiiliam Mortenson

I have been reading Ansel Adam’s autobiography where he describes how the f64 club was started and how partly it was a reaction to the pictorialist group of photographers, led by William Mortenson.
 Mortenson was 5 years older than Ansel and took pictures of people dressed up as historical figures (dreadful in my opinion) nudes (better in my opinion). He ‘messed around’ with the pictures and printed them on soft parchment paper! I thought there was a similarity with this one of a tree and some snapseed photography. Ansel thought that photography should be literal, but obviously he was taking decisions like framing the shot and printing his photographs and also thought that there should be an emotional investment in the picture. He was affronted by the overt sentimentality of Mortenson’s work. These arguments still continue today!
There is more on Mortenson in an article in this online magazine  -

Frost in Anglesey Abbey

Last week the temperatures fell low enough for some hoar frost, so I took myself to Anglesey Abbey. I had intended to go into the parkland and photograph the stands of trees but they had stopped access to all the grass areas, so I had to be content with the areas round the parks and a bit of minimal trespassing.

Grantchester with a dusting

On Sunday we had a walk through Grantchester meadows - always worthwhile as you can get a cup of tea and a scone from the Orchard Tearooms on the way back to the car. There was only a scattering of snow in Cambridge, but we got a good few inches in Arkesden that afternoon
 All of the pictures except for the deckchairs at the Orchard have been converted to black and white and toned blue

Days of Snow and Frost

Over the last few days we have had frost and snow - just a scattering at first and then yesterday a few inches. Here are a few pictures from Arkesden
These have been converted to monochrome in Silver Effex2 and given a blue tone to match the colour palette at the time they were taken and conserve the feel of the place.

New Year in Northumberland

Just spent 5 days in Northumberland just south of Alnwick, where we spent some time on the coast and one day in the Cheviots looking at the course of the River Coquet which flows out to the sea at Amble. We also visited Lindisfarne - one of Alan's favourite places. There was nobody on the long beach at the north side of the island and we spent some time there. The tide was right out and the sea seemed miles away. The sand is an extraordinary reddish colour and is banded. The wet sand reflected the sky which was very dramatic.