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Thameslink journey and the London Salon

Last Saturday Ian and I journeyed to see the London Salon annual exhibition in East Croydon.
I found some stuff to photograph on the journey, including a bevy of chairs stacked neatly in a parking space (oh the interest in Croydon). The reflection of the train carriage on the wet platform gave me a Saul Leiter moment.

A visit to South Derbyshire - some monochromes

I made some monochrome conversions of a few of the South Peak pictures.

A visit to south Derbyshire - Ramshaw Rocks and the Roaches

Later in the afternoon we paid a flying visit to the Roaches, where we used to take the kids rock climbing. On the way we stopped at the impressive Ramshaw Rocks formation. The storms had left the sky with some interesting clouds. The family tried to pose for some 'Wendy shots' i.e. pretending to be in a horribly exposed situation when in fact as safe as houses.
There are steps leading up to the rocky ledges of the Roaches and the poor old dog had to be carried up!! I also developed an obsession with one beautifully shaped tree.

A visit to south Derbyshire - Ilam Hall with a little movement

As promised yesterday, some pictures from Ilam Hall taken with intentional camera movement and multiple exposure.

A visit to South Derbyshire - Ilam Hall

The afternoon of the second day we went to Ilam Hall, a National Trust house. The hall is very imposing, but not really a place where anyone would like to live as it was obviously built for someone from Basildon. As you can see we had a great sky which glowered at us but did not produce much. I am showing the 'straight shots' here - more camera wiggle to be shown in the next blog.

A visit to South Derbyshire - Carsington Water

We stopped for two nights at a campsite next to Carsington Water, a large reservoir which hosts yachts and has a nature reserve around its banks.
In the evening of our first day there was a good sunset which I caught through a grove of pine trees. The next morning we walked the dog around a portion of the lake. There was a boat race on the far side and some of the sails have been encapsulated in one of the the photos. I apologise for the large number of similar sunsets, but I could not decide between them.