Sainsbury Centre, 29th August 2016

We paid a visit to the Sainsbury Centre, my first and hopefully to be followed by more. They had on two temporary exhibitions, one on Cartier Bresson and one on Giacometti, of whose sculptures they have a number in their permanent collection.
I was really impressed by the building, a Norman Foster design, actually having some similarities to the facade of Stansted Airport.
We saw the Cartier Bresson and the Giacometti, and, because Iain was in a wheel chair we came in to the Giacometti by the rear of the building which was even more interesting from a photographic point of view.
Here are the pictures, starting with the Cartier Bresson exhibition, then the permanent collection. Following then on to the Giacometti and the exterior of the building with the Henry Moore stature. 
In the garden I was photographing a rather strange dog. It's owner came up to me, rather belligerently at first, to ask me what I was doing. I said I was srtuck by his dog and he said it was a dingo. The fact that he had an antipodean accent and a hat (but no corks) rather gave it away.


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