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Holiday in France - 1 Bexhill!

We were due to go on holiday in France for the last 2 weeks in September and I had already booked the Tunnel, going out on the Saturday evening and returning on the Sunday a fortnight later. We have to take the train as the dog in her elderliness has taken objection to being left in the van during the cross channel ferry ride and shows it in a rather organic way.
Anyhow Alan discovered that a favourite musician Oren Ambarchi was to play in Bexhill on the Sunday as part of a day of rather weird electronic music put on by Cafe Otto, a club in north London. So I re-booked the train for Sunday night. Oren was due to go on at 12.00 noon and play all afternoon or until he got fed up, so it was a case of turning up and listening for a bit and then moving on. There were other musical events occurring in the Bexhill De La Warr Pavillion - a man who had made a lot of musical toys which all played together rather randomly, a saxophonist and a man and woman who did odd things with a drum and orga…

London, from around the Tower

I wanted to revisit the Tower of London to see how the installation of poppies had progressed. And they had multiplied considerably since my last view. It is possible to purchase one of them and have it sent to you after Remembrance Day.
Here are some images of the Tower and surrounding area including one of the altar in the church of All Hallows by the Tower, the oldest church in the City, founded in 675AD. There are some multiple exposures, inspired by the photos of Valda Bailey who has done a much better job than I have managed. Also look at her blog on the same subject on her website.

Punting on the Cam

If you fancy a little escapism punting on the Cam is a good way of indulging yourself. Or rather I don't punt but sit relaxed in the bottom of the boat while Alan does the hard work. We did just this a couple of weeks ago with Wendy and April. Hiring the boat from Scudamores we set out upstream towards Grantchester rather than going downstream passed the Backs, which gets very crowded. It was a fine and sunny day and I became fascinated with the reflections under a bridge as we went through. The furry lump in front of Wendy and April is the dog's head.

Southwold 'front' and Walberswick beach huts

We strolled along the prom at Southwold and then drove round to Walberswick. While investigating the huts at the back of the dunes I was surprised to find that there was a full blown community living in tents and using the huts for cooking and relaxing. Passing by one of the tents I heard an Irish jig, presumably played from a CD. Closer inspection revealed a couple playing a fiddle and guitar, sitting inside the tent. Magic!

Fishing huts at Southwold

These are from an excursion I had to Southwold with Mairi and Lizzie last week. A slightly overcast day and too chilly to use the wetsuits!