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Guernsey, 1st Day, Lihou Island

After lunch we drove south to visit Lihou Island, a small headland that gets cut off at high tide. The weather that had been cloudy in the morning became even more oppressive and there were some very stormy looking scenes over the water. On the mainland opposite the causeway is yet another German gun battery.

Late that afternoon we all went down to St Peter Port which has some old bathing pools opposite castle Cornet, which came into its own as the lights came up.

Guernsey, first day in Cobo Bay

True to form I am over a year late in getting these pictures on the blog.       
October last year I went on a week long trip to Guernsey with some members of Cambridge Camera Club. The trip was very kindly organised by Ann Miles who had made a rough programme of things we could do each day. We had rented 3 cars between us so that we could get round the island and also so that we could be flexible in what different people wanted to photograph. We stayed  in Cobo Bay which is on the north east side of the island and arriving in the afternoon of the first day there was only time for a little photography. We were lucky to have a room with a balcony overlooking the sea, so I took some pictures of the other members of the group standing at the water's edge with their tripods. 

The next morning we walked along the broad sands of Cobo Bay until we reached a rocky outcrop at the end. This promontory holds the remains of the Grande Rocque Battery. During the German invasion in the Second …

The Lodge at Sandy

Last weekend we visited the Lodge in Sandy, the RSPB headquarters. We had not been there before and I was surprised that there was such a large area of heathland in Bedfordshire.
We were lucky to see a couple of firecrests, but not close enough to photograph.
The day was the last of autumn with some glorious sunshine falling on the remains of the leaves.

November Mist in Arkesden

I seem to have taken a long holiday from posting anything on my blog, so a pre New Year resolution I hope will put me back on track again. Last week saw some fog in Arkesden as the weather changed from cold to damp and mild, a typical November day. The trees looked mysterious in the gloom and the skeletons of plants stood out from the mist.