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Harris workshop, day 6, final morning on Luskentyre

We were due to fly back from Stornoway that morning, but there was enough time to sneak in an early visit to Luskentyre to see the sun rise. it came up spectacularly behind the beach, casting a red glow over the hills. Many thanks to Lizzie Shepherd and Alex Hare for such a well planned and varied workshop.  Hurrah!!

Harris workshop, day 5, Huisinis Beach and sunset over the Harris hills

We continued the day by driving west to Huisinis Beach, which looked luminous in the late afternoon light.\We finished the day looking at the North Harris hills at dusk. It was very cloudy and there was only a tiny area of pink in the sky, but it was very beautiful.

Harris workshop, day 5, more decrepitude, this time a boat

After lunch on day 5 we drove from Scalpay round to North Harris and passed a rather lovely rotting boat on the bank of Loch Leosavay. It was lying next to an equally abandoned shed and curiously next to an iron safe, bound with string. There were beautiful patterns of rust on the boat. While we were there we were observed by a rather curious sheep.

Harris workshop, day 5, another ruined croft

Following our early visit to the lighthouse on Scalpay, Lizzie and Alex found us a rather nice ruined croft to photograph.

Hebridean workshop, day 5, sunrise at the lighthouse

The morning of the fifth day meant another early start as we were to walk to an overlook of the lighthouse, Eilean Glas, which lies off Scalpay. The sky became covered a wonderful mackerel cloud formation, but I admit my heart was not really in to photographing the lighthouse. The rocks were too dark in the foreground and the clouds immediately behind were very streaky and defined. I am sure the other workshop participants made a much better job of it than me. On the way back to the car  the morning took on a lovely warm hue.

Hebridean workshop, day 4, a ruined croft and night falls at Seilebost

Still on the Golden Road in Harris, we were taken to see a ruined croft, perched overlooking a small sea inlet. The peeling paintwork and disorder of the croft was fascinating. We ended the day at Seilobost watching the sky darken over the ocean.