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Holkham bay seascapes - the sea itself, abstractions

It has been suggested to me by David, that I take the pictures of the waves that I published in the previous blog and crop them to make more abstract images. I invite comments and so I was pleased to hear this. I had had a slight resistance to doing it in the first place as I have seen other, similar photographs. But heck I have seen a lot of beach photos too. So, if you can stand them all again, here we go. Some I think could be cropped even further, but I would be throwing a lot of pixels away.

Holkham bay seascapes - the sea itself 1

The water was warm and we were encouraged to take a dip. I realised that it would be good to take pictures of the breaking waves while in them and had a 9 stop neutral density filter on my camera which slowed the water down nicely. Here are some of the results.

Holkham beach seascapes - the horses

I spent  a day in Holkham last week, when the weather was warm and the sea ripe for bathing.
We spent some time watching the horses being exercised along the shoreline and here are some pictures from this. I have used intentional camera movement and, in some cases multiple exposure, with these shots.

Storm light

We have been fortunate in having some really stormy weather recently, with fantastic skies, better than I can ever remember.
These are a few pictures taken mainly in the evening with that perfect light and approaching storm.

A wooded footpath and a strange summerhouse

Old Warden is a very picturesque village lying adjacent to the Shuttleworth Estate in Bedfordshire. Mairi and I had lunch at the Shuttleworth Collection, a museum dedicated to old aeroplanes, and then took a footpath through the woods. The path takes you through part of the Shuttleworth Estate and contains a turreted building known as Queen Anne's summer house which is secreted in the woods. This was built in the 18th century as a folly and is now available for rent as a holiday cottage through the Landmark Trust. Behind the folly is a small pets graveyard with headstones engraved with doggy names.
I converted all of these pictures into monochrome, but have included some of the colour ones at the end for reference.

Track cycling, the National Youth Omnium in Welwyn Garden City

Jamie, the son of Alan's cousin is a very keen cyclist and was picked to ride in the National Youth Omnium Track Championship for his club, the Discovery Junior Cycling Club from Dundee. They stayed over with us on the Saturday night and on Sunday we all set out for the event at the velodrome in Welwyn Garden City. I am not sure how old this facility is but it could certainly have done with a bit of TLC. A good clean of the toilets and the installation of a lightbulb or two in that facility wouldn't have gone amiss.
Jamie did very well. He was cycling in the under 14's but he is only just 13 today and still fairly small compared to some of the boys he was pitched against. Things are just going to get better and better for him.
You must forgive me for the number of pictures I am posting. I start with some general views of the stadium and track and then pictures specifically for Jamie. Finally I had great fun experimenting with panning shots and I shall put these at the end …