Majorca, 24th March, the small towns of Bunyola and Sollar

Following our morning in the marsh we returned to the apartment for lunch and met up with Paul a cycling friend of Alan's with whom he was sharing the flat. Paul had been out cycling in the morning and wanted a change, so we took the car east over the mountains to the little town of Bunyola from where a tourist train runs to Sollar, close to the coast. Bunyola was lined with some pollarded trees and very fancy street lighting.
We went to the station to watch the train coming in but decided to drive to Sollar instead as the fare was so expensive.

One of the reasons for the trip to Sollar was that the station building houses a large number of Miró paintings. Although born in Barcelona Miró moved to Majorca during the second world war. 
His style is very original and certainly gave me food for thought.
We went to the main square and saw the train coming through the heart of the town. It was an opportunity for a little people watching!


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