Majorca 23rd March, the steps of Pollença

The little town of Pollença lies next to Port de Pollença where we were staying, and Pollença is where we went for a coffee on the morning of my second day on the island.
We visited the main square, the Plaça Major from where a flight of 365 stone steps leads up to a chapel on the top of a hill. We thought we should earn our coffee by walking to the top and down again. At the top is a viewpoint which had numbers of small bags that had been thrown down.Their owners shortly retrieved them. Teachers from local primary schools must think that is the best way of tiring out their pupils. As well as the children we were entertained by a guitarist playing Cavatina, endlessly. The way up the steps has some stone houses on one side with rather wonderful gardens.
We eventually had our coffee and watched as the parties of kids ascended and descended the steps.
On Good Friday evening a re-enactment of the crucifixion takes place at the top of the steps (using a marble Christ) and the body is carried down the steps on a bier accompanied by hundreds of masked followers in Klu Klux Klan style hoods. But this was only Tuesday.


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