Cornwall, a photographic adventure 4

The following morning I woke up just before dawn, but on putting my head out the window realised that the sky was clear and not really worth the effort of getting out of bed, probably because I was rather tired from the day before. I should have done more research on where to go for  sunrise shots, but north west Cornwall does face, sort of west so I thought making the effort at the end of the day was probably better.
We did go for a walk on the moor first thing and then set out for Port Quin, which was the closest beach as the fabled crow flies. The tide was in and the beach was being commandeered by a boat that was being tractored off. After it had gone I took a picture of the rather lovely warm coloured rocks and then we drove south to a little place called Pentireglaze, just north of Polzeath. Here we parked in a National Trust car park and walked up the peninsula to Rumps Point, named as there are two round buttocky hills at the top.

The sky remained obstinately blue so I did a little normal photography, including the ubiquitous wall shots, and then resorted to multiple exposures to try and rescue the conditions. In the second picture below you can see one of the rumps.

And here are the multiple exposure efforts. I rather liked the 'selfie' at the end of the series.


  1. A lovely set Sue. I love the selfie at the end and some excellent examples of multiple exposures.


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