Cornwall, a photographic adventure, 6

Hettie and I were going to have another day at the coast. Again the weather was spotless, with hardly a cloud in the sky.
I had been very impressed with the view over Porthcothan bay which we had seen on our first day in Cornwall, so we drove down the narrow lanes and parked up at the head of the beach. We picked our way over a short dune section onto the sand as the original path and steps had disappeared, swept away by winter storms. 

As always the surf was pounding giving quite a good wave display over the rocks and small islands at the mouth of the bay. I rather threw in the towel with the high contrast light, put on a polariser and converted the photos to monochrome!

We spent a little time on this beach and then drove south to the National Trust parking area for Pentire Farm. From here we walked down the coast path onto Park Head which juts out just north of Bedruthan Steps and we sauntered to the end of the headland. I managed to lose the dog and panicked that she might have lost her balance and fallen into the crashing waves. I ran around the headland and eventually found her snouting around under a clump of gorse where there were some rather interesting looking holes.
Here are some pictures looking from the headland over Bedruthan Steps followed by one looking north.

I also did several intentional camera movement and multiple exposure shots from the headland.


  1. A lovely set which capture the essence and beauty of Cornwall.


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