Whitby Workshop - Saltburn Pier

After the tide had forced us off Saltwick Bay we drove north to Saltburn to photograph the pier. The tide was almost up to the very top of the beach which was good and the sea was fairly rough as well which made for good long exposure shots. I was finding that exposures of around a second showed some movement in the sea but longer exposures of 15 seconds or more smoothed it out.
The scene was interrupted by a couple of horses being ridden along. I was not really set up to take them but have done so anyway!
I had new boots on (Meindl Toronto) which stood up really well to the soaking they received.
Again there are some coloured pictures and then monochrome. The pier really suits monochrome but I love the muted colours that long exposures give. The pictures with the horses I have only shown in black and white as one of the riders had on a high vis yellow jacket.


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