Whitby Workshop - last call - Redcar and Paddy's Hole

Leaving Saltburn we drove up through Redcar and along the rough track that leads to Paddy's Hole, a place made famous for landscape photography by Joe Cornish.
Going past the steelworks and heading between the dunes is so exciting - this is a wonderful area, with the natural world coexisting with the might of heavy industry.
I did not look at any of Joe Cornish's work on this area before going as I did not want to be influenced at all. However Doug did suggest where to take pictures from which was a bit of a giveaway.
The light was retreating and the sun was giving a small display as it went down so  I was really pleased with the resulting pictures. The first two shots are looking across the green fisherman's huts to the steelworks and the last ones are taken around Paddy's Hole.
By the time I packed up it was completely dark and I was just left with the long drive home and a big thank you to Doug for organising a fantastic couple of days.


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