Infrared filter and a pinhole shot

Feeling a little stale I had ordered an infrared filter which arrived while I was away in Wales.
I thought it was not possible to take infrared photographs with modern DSLRs as they have a filter in them which takes out most of the infrared light. However I had seen some forum postings saying that you can achieve something, although you need super long exposure times. The filter I bought was sent from a company called Luxan in Germany - it is only a cheapish one as these can be very expensive and I wanted to see what I could get without shelling out a lot of money. It is 870nm (the end of the visible spectrum of light is around 700nm) which is pretty hefty and cuts out at least 10 stops of light.
My first outing was to Audley End House. It was a very dull day, which was a mistake as I was getting exposure times of 6 minutes at f/13 and ISO 1600. When I looked at the pictures they all had a very bright spot on them. Consulting the internet I found that it was because I was using a Nikon 24 - 70mm f/2.8 zoom which apparently causes these artifacts. I am showing the original, out of camera to demonstrate this, although I have nearly managed to get rid of it in the edited picture of the temple shown here. This black and white conversion shows some strange patterning on it - from the filter maybe but I cannot see it on the original and the other pictures do not show it. A mystery!
The next two outings I used my Nikon 17-35mm G zoom lens. The sky was brighter on these occasions and I managed 2 and 3 minute exposures. I did get some flare on the photos which actually led to some quite interesting effects.
The third picture is from Wicken fen - I have shown both colour (?) and monochrome versions of this one. The colour channels have been swopped red for blue as the pictures out of camera have a very strong magenta cast as you would expect. I have also added a 'normal picture of the same scene.
The last shot is from a pinhole picture using a Holga plastic pinhole lens, also taken of the temple.
I have also now bought a 720nm filter so that I can capture maybe a little more than the 870 gives me, but I have yet to try it out.


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