Glorious Utah, Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive in Capitol Reef National Park is a one way road that follows the original track forged by Mormon pioneers in 1884. The road now comes to an end after 10.7 miles but once continued through Capitol Gorge to the eastern side of the Waterpocket Fold, the road created by Elijah Cutler Benunin in 1896. You can still do this section in a 4x4, but the road was shut in 1962 once Highway-24 became operational.
Anne and I drove down from Fruita, stopping frequently to look at the western escarpment of Capitol Reef. We did a little bit of scrambling up the side of the cliff to look at the rocks and get a better view.

A cap of white Navajo sandstone

The end of the road, you can see the path that once was the old road continuing on


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