Glorious Utah, last stop Loa

Continuing north on Highway-12 we came to the piece of road known as the "Hogsback " due to its undulating nature. Again there were places to stop and look out over the wild inhospitable scenery, which spread, empty of human interference in front of us.

We passed through Boulder Town, once known as the "last frontier in Utah", and drove over Boulder Mountain. We stopped at the highest point, Homestead Overlook at 9,400ft. Here the scenery had become lusher with stands of conifers and aspens.

As we descended Boulder Mountain we saw Larb Hollow Overlook which deserved a panorama.

Finally we approached the end of Highway-12, as we came to Torrey and saw our first sight of Capitol Reef.

We turned left onto Highway-24 to reach our accommodation at Loa, a tiny town not far from the junction. We stayed at the quaintly named "Snuggle Inn" and ate fish and chips at the local café, before turning in for the night. It had been rather a long day.

Map courtesy of Scenic Byway 12


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