Glorious Utah, a shady walk by the river

This was to be our only full day in Zion so we got up relatively early and drove with some beautiful light from Hurricane, where we were staying, to Zion Canyon.

The Park bus through the Canyon was very busy. Many people were wearing plastic walking boots and carrying sticks. They were going to trek along the Virgin River through the Narrows where the rock walls close in on you and you have to wade through. We were not able to do that but once we had reached the end of the road we did have a little paddle! This part of the Canyon was shady and cool, so we walked alongside the river for a bit until we got to the start of the Emerald Pools Trail. Next to the river the paths are paved and the walking is easy. The red mountain walls are imposing and sheer. There is a walk called Angel's Landing which only the fit and foolhardy do. The route switchbacks up the mountain to a ridge which is very exposed. Some of it is chained although you cannot use a harness. Before the chains more people died than do now!!


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