Glorious Utah, Canyon Overlook Trail

This last day around Zion was very busy as we tried to pack more stuff in before returning to Las Vegas in the late afternoon.
We got into Zion Canyon early to do a trail which starts on the Zion-Mount Carmel Road, so it is not necessary to park up and take the shuttle bus to reach it. Canyon Overlook Trail was my favourite walk in Zion. It had not yet got too hot and there was plenty of shade. The path was quite precipitous but safe with railings on the more exposed parts. After a short steep section you can look down on the Pine Creek Slot Canyon before you pass through a cool cave. At the end of the trail there are views looking down the Mount Carmel Highway, which looked superb in the morning light. You can see the conical white form of Bridge Mountain on the left and the flat topped West Temple in the distance in these photos
Here are the pictures, including one of  my nephew Mike, the ideal travel companion.


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