Road to the isles, 24th June, a trip on the Waverley paddle steamer

Alan had booked two tickets for a day trip on the Waverley, as it was something he had done when he was a kid and he thought his Mum would enjoy it. All three of us could not go as we had Hettie the dog with us, so I elected to stay behind (thinking I would get in nearly a day's photography). It was supposed to be a stormy day but the sea was mill pond flat and there was no rain until late in the afternoon. I went down to the quay in Rothesay to see them off, and took a few pictures and a couple of videos, particularly so I could record the sound of the paddles which is magical. You can see Alan and Rene crossing the gangplank and then in their positions on the boat. The ship was built around 70 years ago  and is the last ocean going working paddle steamer in existence; you can go below decks and see the engine working, a nostalgic experience of brass and oil.


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