Road to the isles, first morning on Bute, Kilchattan Bay

Kilchattan Bay was a good place to stay on Bute. Not in Rothesay, the 'capital' which is run down and a bit seedy, but on a bay which can look a bit scruffy when the tide is out but does offer a sea view.
Kilchattan is just a row of houses on a dead end road facing the sea. The original settlement was a quarrying community but the Victorians built a set of imposing villas for Glaswegians looking for a holiday destination. These have largely been turned into flats and we had a ground floor one with a strip of garden out the back.
The first morning I crossed the road and took some pictures over the bay. It was a stormy morning with an impressive sky which cleared occasionally to give patches of blue and sunshine.
Here are my first impressions including some more abstract intentional camera movement photos.


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