An intermission for pictures from Cambridge Botanical Gardens, first the sharp ones

I spent a very enjoyable Wednesday morning wandering in the Botanical Gardens with members of the Cambridge Camera Club. The gardens were looking at their best and were a pure joy. We spent some time in the greenhouses until they became busy and then went outside for some refreshment and a look at the beds full of plants especially for insects. The weather was not as bright as we had hoped for but there were still plenty of bees and hoverflies to be seen and snapped. I used my Nikon 105mm macro lens for all the photographs, usually with a 20mm extension tube as well.
Here is my first selection from the morning starting with a few insects.

And here are some of a few of the plants in the greenhouses. I am afraid I have no idea what most of these are!


  1. Excellent. Particularly like the thistle & cactus. Lovely sharp images of insects. Do you have a circular flash on you macro lens?


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