Le Tour de France meets Essex

Great excitement yesterday for the passing of the Tour through Essex. We had Alan's cousins Graeme and Caroline staying with us with their son Jamie, a keen cyclist who is competing in a national youth track event next weekend.
After much consultation we thought that the A11 roundabout near Great Chesterford would be the best place to pitch. The boys cycled over and Caroline and I took the car about 10.00am with chairs and a ladder to sit/stand on. Jamie used the ladder.
It was a beautiful day, not too hot, just comfortable, with a great carnival spirit.  First a caravan of floats came through and various items were thrown out including an Ibis plastic pillow which unfortunately hit Caroline in the eye, but no lasting damage! Then there was a bit of a hiatus as team cars came past including David Brailsford in the Sky Jag. A rather scruffy cameraman walked down on the opposite side of the road but did not deem us of sufficient interest. I got into my place for photography, feeling a little nervous as it would all be over in a flash.
Finally the tete de la course arrived - just 2 cyclists Bideau and Barta, who stayed on the front almost to the Mall. Then there was a long wait before the rest of the pack came round the corner. I snapped away, unfortunately filling the buffer of the camera and having to wait while team Sky passed before I could use it again. I am not a sports photographer! I managed to get pictures of Nibali, Sieberg and Cancellara who were close to the beginning. Quickly the back of the group past us and the whole charabanc moved up the road to London and the finish of the English stages.


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