A mixtures of pictures from Cumbria

Rene and I went back to her house in Milnthorpe after she had had her knee replacement surgery and  had spent a few weeks with us in Arkesden. I stayed with her for a couple of days to do some shopping and make sure everything was OK. The Fuji XE-1 went on a couple of minor excursions, first to Dallam Towers, the deer park just down the road and then to Arnside, on the banks of Morecambe Bay, where the light was getting low. This seems to be my stomping ground when in this area.
I messed around a bit and took straight pictures, mixtures of infrared and colour and multiple exposure pictures. In the first multiple exposure again there is the strange magenta colouration of the sky. I think the sunsets in this group stand out as overblown, compared to the more delicate tones of the others.


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