Salford Quays

In the middle of May I spent 4 days staying near Salford Quays while Rene, my ma-in-law was having a knee op at a hospital in Manchester. I did not have much time for photography but took the Fuji XE-1 with me. I have now bought a 3 stop neutral density filter and holder from the Cokin A series and an adaptor so that I can use Nikon lenses on the Fuji. I am reluctant to shell out the cash needed for the Lee filter system for these cameras, but I do need to get some more ND filters as 3 stop is not enough.We have a very old tiny Nikon 135mm lens, all manual and the second to last shot is taken using this.
The first 4 shots are taken of the quays at sunset and the last is the exciting view from my hotel window. The rest are of the Lowry building. The dog was with me so I could not go inside. Strangely while I was there a siren sounded and hundreds of students walked from Media City into the space outside the Lowry which was their muster point. They were apparently involved in a fire alarm test and the whole university building was evacuated! Needless to say this limited my movement round the building somewhat.
There are some multiple exposures and ICM images here. The Fuji XE-1 only allows 2 pictures to be taken as a multiple exposure but shows in the viewfinder and the LCD screen what the final picture will look like which is useful.


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