Covehythe and Benacre beach

I was going to an exhibition in Suffolk so decided to combine it with a trip to Benacre beach. This is on a part of the coast that is being washed into the sea. There used to be some dead trees that stood on the shoreline and were a magnet for photographers and I wanted to see of they were still there after the ravages of this winter.
To get to the beach you park in Covehythe outside the church which is attractive on its own. You then walk down the road, past the signs saying 'danger do not enter' and out on to the crumbling tarmac of the road that now drops off the end of the cliff. When you get as far down the road as you can you turn left on to the field past the signs telling you not to, and out to a footpath which roughly skirts the cliff. I say roughly as it is now missing in places and it is necessary to divert over the crop to avoid plunging over the edge. Passing a nature reserve which still had bluebells out when I was there at the beginning of May you descend down to the sandy beach and a lagoon where the avocets breed. There was one tree left standing which was right up against the lagoon, but the trees further out on the beach had fallen and there was just debris and a large trunk to show where they had been. A pity, but the sea does not stand still. Some effort has been made to gather the wood as some of the wood of the trunks is missing and saw cuts can be seen.
It was a remarkable day with great storm clouds gathering, although they never came to anything. The first 4 pictures are of the walk down and the nature reserve. The last one is the church at Benacre, some of which lies in ruins, and the rest are of the beach and the dead trees.


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