Infrared in Arkesden

I have bought three infrared filters, of different wavelengths for my camera and as most of my lenses on the Nikon camera are 77mm it is fairly easy to use the filters on any of them. With the zoom lenses I get a hotspot in the centre of the picture, as I have found with the Fuji XE-1 system where I only have the 18-55mm zoom lens. Fuji lenses are really expensive and I would like to add some primes but am reluctant to buy in fully to two systems. If I went travelling again I might consider it as there is such an advantage to a small camera if you are trekking.
The first 4 pictures are infrared with a 720mm filter using the Fuji and minimising the hotspot in Lightroom. They are of Arkesden church and my house. The last 3 are using the Nikon with again a 720nm filter and my 24mm tilt shift lens which is manual and leaves no hotspot whatsoever. They are a combination of IR and colour images, produced in Photoshop and just of the local countryside.


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