Cairngorm - final day- a mad rush round

The last day of our trip dawned well but turned very cold and windy. We started in a birch wood on the side of Loch Insh and then, after some well deserved coffee, moved to Loch Pityoulish where the wind was blowing a gale, sending the clouds scudding. This is a more remote loch which had some dead trees fringing it. The two ICM shots are from around Loch Insh. The dead tree picture was taken with the 24mm tilt shift lens and I found that I had to tilt up slightly to maintain focus on the top of the tree.

We had lunch and then ended up at Loch Morlich, which I have to admit was not my favourite of the ones we visited. Here I managed to take pictures of the hills on the far side of the Loch using the 70-200mm, and then latterly to use my Holga pinhole to get something a little different.
Finally we were staying at The Steadings, which belongs to Peter Cairns who runs wildlife workshops from here. Doug had rented it for the time we were there and it was an ideal location, being cut off from the rest of the world and having two large sitting rooms where we could use a projector, ensuite bedrooms and a dining room with a cook who did breakfast and evening meals as well as providing a packed lunch. The company was great and I enjoyed socialising with the other photographers, even though I am extremely guilty that I made Chris Friel go through all 250 of my pictures on Flickr - I hope he has got over the experience (I blame the alcohol). It was the first workshop Doug had run in the area but it certainly is a gem for photographers and a place I would love to revisit.


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