Wales Day 9 - kayaking from Porthgain and another sunset

We launched the kayak from Porthgain, hoping to get as far as Abereiddy, although in the end we only made it to Traethlyfyn. It was a good trip - we saw a seal swimming not far from us which roused the dog from her normal stupor into a frenzy of barking. Needless to say the seal did not hang around. We paddled between the pair of islands and the headland (see photo in previous blog). This was a bit scary as there was a big tidal current between the two pieces of land and we had to paddle like mad to get anywhere. Coming back we realised that we would be carried along in the turbulence and so chose to go through the very narrow space between the islands, which Alan decided would be safer. The concern was that, as we had the dog, we had had to remove the spray deck from the kayak which meant it could easily fill up with water. We made it back to Porthgain in one piece. Again I used the Fuji XE1 for the water shots and kept it in a plastic freezer bag when I wasn't using it. The rocks had some wonderful tones of blue and violet, which you can probably see in the pictures.
A trip to the pub seemed like a necessary excursion and following from that we walked up to the coast path for some more sunset shots. This time Alan spotted a porpoise swimming across the open ocean which made everyone happy.

The twin islands

The 'ladies tea tower' at Abereiddy

The white shipping beacon at Porthgain

Sunset from the coast path at Porthgain

Old stone quarry at Porthgain

Night has nearly come


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