Wales Day 17 - Beddgelert

We woke to a cloudy morning in Trefor. Over breakfast we planned a trip to Beddgelert where we could walk by the river and have some lunch afterwards, our imaginations having been fired by passing the outskirts of the town on the Welsh Highland Railway. The rain held off all morning and we managed the walk along the River Glaslyn with it's mountainous, wooded sides and rocky bed. At one point we were passed by the steam train which flooded the valley with smoke.
We also visited the purported grave of Gelert while we were there. Gelert was a dog who was mistakenly slain by his master, thinking that he had murdered his baby son, when in fact the 'faithful hound' had slain a wolf who was attempting just that. The story may have been created by the owner of the nearby Goat Hotel in Victorian times to encourage tourists!

The steam train has just passed!

Rene by Gelert's Grave


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