Wales Day 5/6 Broadhaven and Bosherston

We spent some of the morning swimming at Barafundle bay, a place we had come to when the children were very small but had not visited since.We then drove down to the National Trust car park as Stackpole and boarded a bus to Broadhaven to walk back along the coast path to Stackpole. This was Mairi's idea as she was returning home the next day.
We came back via Bosherston and down through a shaded path to the car. The lakes at Bosherston were created about 200 years ago as part of the pleasure garden to Bosherston Court and are now rich with wildlife. We only saw a little with Mairi but returned the next day to do some otter watching. The monochrome of the tide coming in at Bosherston has been converted using Silver Effex and the picture of the lily ponds at Bosherston has been played with using the Effects from Perfect Photo Suite 7.

Tide coming in at Barafundle

Mairi drove off early the next morning so we went back to Bosherston and walked right round the lakes down to the sea at Broadhaven. We saw the otters but they were on the other side of the lake. Returning round on the other bank we were rewarded by the sight of them closer up. The mother had two kits and was very adept at catching eels which the kits wrestled her for. The first picture is taken with the 400mm lens on f8 focussed on the sand and water which has thrown the figures out of focus. The second is of a heron which flapped by over the surface of the lake. Then there are some otter pictures.


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