Wales - Day 11 Nant-y-Moch reservoir

The previous evening I had felt really dizzy while out photographing the sunset and was still feeling a little ropey the next day. We were in such a wonderful place however that we had to look around the Nant-y-Moch reservoir, fringed by the Cambrian Mountains. We drove north after this, passing Ynys Hir bird reserve and the Osprey Centre which Alan visited while I stayed in the van.I realised that I must have some sort of inner ear infection and when we stopped at Aderdovey Alan made an appointment for me to see a local GP who examined me, agreed with my diagnosis and gave me a prescription for tablets. They did not start working immediately and I found that everytime I tried to move I was ill. The next morning we drove into Trefor, where we had booked a cottage for a week, with a bowl propped in front of me - how nice.


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