Venice day 2, San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale

We had decided to get the main touristic things out of the way as soon as possible, so we arrived at Piazza San Marco on our first morning, ready for action.
First we looked around the piazza and went up the tower. The external of the church was surrounded by fencing and portable tables which did not lead to a good composition.
I had to stow my small back pack in a left luggage facility as bags are not allowed in the Basilica so I was left with one lens for my camera. I chose the 25mm Zeiss. Photography is not allowed in the church, but I managed a sneaky shot from a balcony which shows the ornate gold mosaic finish of the walls.

We next 'did' the Doge's Palace. The prison area was the most exciting, especially as you could look out through the windows on the Bridge of Sighs and imagine being a prisoner taking your last view of the outside world. I have never seen so many Tintorettos in one place. And vast they were too. However some looked rather grey, which somewhat belies his name.


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