Croatia and a couple of Balkans, day 2, a trip round the walls

We got back from Lockrum Island around 4.00pm, just in time to do the tourist trip of the walls of Dubrovnik.
The walls stand entirely encircling the old city and, although they were battered during the war they have been restored entirely. As you look down on the roofs from above you notice that most of the Roman tiling is new. In only a couple of places has the damage to the town been left untouched.
We walked up to the top of the walls at the Ploce Gate and went all the way round descending just before 6.00pm when they closed for the day. In the warm afternoon light the stone glowed beautifully.
Here are the pictures. At the end is a section featuring the washing of the city, of which I was now getting slightly obsessed! They are in the order of the trip apart from the 'washing' section where they are grouped together.

A panorama of 10 stitched photos, not sure it was worth it!

Anne took a picture for this couple who asked someone else to do it a little later in a different spot, young love!

By the time we had descended to the ground the sun was going down, so I went down to the Old Port to take a couple of snaps. We had a drink and some snacks in a bar before catching the bus back to the supermarket near our apartment. We had intended to buy steak and some bread and salad, but all they had was sausages. Very nice though.


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